Jetzt gehts los!
The start of a new season!
The Holidays are coming and I am back in the snow. This season back in Axamer Lizum and Mutters a big change from St. Anton but looking forward to this season. Less party time since I will be busy with web design and web development but still plenty of time in the snow.
Hope to see you soon

so what is happening in my summer? a quick update: decided not to try out for a second rafting exam, have been working bits in Innsbruck, walking around and just love my backyard, hanging out with family and doing the sites. And now time to pick up on my blog again! so the news: At the moment I am working at night in a warehouse unloading trucks! trying to readjust my bio clock! looking for money/job opportunities online (lets see if that has more success), and for the rest I try and go out as much as possible! Just enjoying the mountains. for the rest: missing winter! but it snowed yesterday so not bad to see white mountaintops again, counting down on the arrival of Elena! and that is it! Sorry for the long silence! ;)

Plans for May
Just finnished a week filled with rafting all day long. And boy is my body happy with the rest.
Plans for the month are:
Going over to Elena in London for a short week
Fying over to Holland to see family, friends, drink beers and pack all my stuff
And at the end of may take as much as I can in my Mom's car to my new Home in Innsbruck.
Then at the begining of June do the Raftguide exam and start working
I am a happy guy that is for sure!

a Home
So done with winter and getting ready for summer
And no better way to start a summer than having a home. My first own spot and on a perfect spot in Innsbruck. 32 sqm, with a garden and it will feature a sleeping couch. I will be working on a agenda on who comes when so no worries!
Besides that my Rafting course will start tomorrow and will also keep you posted about the progress I make with that!

Verwall Teletour
So back home from the telemarkskitour with Roos
It proved to be an true Crashcourse into teletouring for her. But we managed to enjoy it. I am working on the story so you can join in on the adventure we had. I also learned a few things, it is not necessary that the way up is quicker than the way down with touring, tourskiing is definitely more efficient than telemarktouring And if an OLD guidebook says that you don't need a key then maybe you should check or just sleep outside.
For the rest: the season is over! And will start going over to summer in the upcoming weeks
So will keep you posted on what is happening in my live.

last man stading
So it seems all other instructors left and I am the only one working.
It is totally empty on the mountain, no snowboarders, no skiers, no snow...
Clearly the end of the season. Tomorrow the last day of work for me, I am the only group this week and only have 2 people left.... Weird feeling!
And then start Touring after that, hunting for better snow!

Will be back in a week or so.

Touring in Verwall2
A second attempt to go touring in Verwall, this time together with Roos and on telemarks.
Easy spring conditions should help to make it a succes, but we will see.
The work days seems to be over since the guests are no longer here.. but there is still snow, and early in the day the conditions are good and atfernoon is all about sitting and chilling in the sun.
Will bring the camera so before the Rafting will start I can update some of them!

new pics no vids
So updated the winter-picture folder, check out the powder. But have so technical problem so new videos won't be online for a while! Sorry, it sucks but will let you know when it all works again
So from now on just enjoy the pictures!

RSS feed
So it took awhile but I am working on the rss feed. It is not complete yet. But atleast will make sure that it will happen and will work soon!! Sorry for the delay!

No touring
Well so normally I would say there is no such thing as to much snow, but maybe there is especially when you want to go touring, so the extreme avalanche danger and the bad weather kept me and Hans from touring. But still we had fun just some easy off-piste skiing that was still deep but didn't require any walking up. Good to be skiing with Hans again but still feel the need for touring, so Hoping to get some at the end of the season, before the Rafting season starts.
Videos and Photos will still come online! working on it!

Touring in Verwall
So of for a few days of touring with my buddy Hans
We will be just on the backside of Randl into the Verwall gruppe, a pristine place with no people in it. We just have to see how the weather is holding since it is still snowing and we don't want to much snow.
Next week there will be plenty of video and photo material of it! No worries we will come back!

Fluffy snow
Finally freshies
It has been snow for more than a week with a few sunny moments in between. Everyone was just hungry for powder, and we all have been eating powder last week. The good thing more is falling as I'm typing. Okay it is hard to concentrate to work will all the people around you skiing the powpow but after three o'clock there is still an hour left to do a few powderruns. It has been a great week.
And by now it is time to focus on tours to come, looking for faces where in two weeks we should still be able to find untracked virgin snow. Let more good times come!

the best week!
Just finisched the best week! Thanks you guys and girls. Had a lot of fun! And am already missing you guys. But new snow is falling and will find fun this week after work.
really I love you people!

Videos Online
Yes!! It took me awhile to figure how to do it. But now I've got a result: the Videos are online!
If yours is missing please send me a msgs so I can put it online.
Now I still got the Rss feed to do and the friend search and then the site would look almost complete!

Happy new year
Wow! What a great week! Almost to many parties, Perfect weather, strong ski-group, good food and lots of time with Elena. Ahh hard to beat this week. Next week I'll prob. have slow down in the Anton bar, but that's something for tomorrow. Not to forget that on new-years day the gods gave us 10 cm. of fresh snow and blue skies during the day.
Make it a good one

X-mas week
Christmas went by a bit to quick I belive. But I had a great week with a lot of nice people.
And just proven some of the St. Anton sayings, like "if you can ski in St. Anton you can ski anywhere" That doesn't mean if you learned it here you're the best but does mean that if you can do our blue's you have a solid foundation!
Thanks guys and mostly girls for a great week!

Dual kurs
Yeah! baby.
Just back in St. Anton after two great weeks in Serfaus doing the Dual Kurs for the Tiroler schilehrer verband. Made many friend, had a lot of fun and past the tests!
Tomorrow I'll start working here in St. Anton. But first I'll warm-up my legs and have my first telemark day of the season, Finally! And will start on the rest of the site in the next two weeks.

First Impressions
Yeah! So today St. Anton recieved two hours of sun shine and finally I had a change to look arround.
Great Place! But although there are almost no people here it's getting tracked within those 2 hours. I blame the swedes!

Incase you didn't noticed the winter page is online! Check it out.
I'll be posting the pictures of my first impression before I leave to Serfaus for 2 weeks (that's on Friday the 5th)

Yeah! Baby!
After a few goodbye parties last week I am back in business on the mountain. a BIG feeling of happiness arises. Oke can't see the mountain since it keeps on snowing but it is feeling really good to be gliding down a white mountain! Still I do need to get in to shape, FAST! Hoping I'll be able to shoot a few pictures tomorrow, weather permitting.
Will be keeping you posted on my first impression of St. Anton am Arlberg.

site update
Yep the wildernessphotos are back online.
So Svalbard, Iceland, Sarek and the West Coast Trail are back. And I do need spend more time working on the site, but my none working life seems to be quite busy! Next is a fix on the rss feed and the winter page!

Business Cards
Since it is so hard to remeber a 4 letter site name and a countrycode, I have got businesscards!
Plus it is easier to share my pone numbers now!
Still working hard on the site and it is looking better day by day

A new site
Although it is far from finnished. Today is the launch of my new site. Not just pictures but a whole lot more. so what is in store:
A blog with rss feed!
The classic wilderness photography site
A winter and summer page with photo and video posts of my working time in the alps
Stories of tavels and the seasons
A friend finder
and more to come... !
just check your rss feed and I will keep you posted